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Ixia Tcl 8.4

Create automated tests based on the TLC language
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Build and modify tests of different types using the elements of Tool Command Language. Work with automation scripts and custom action configurations, preview the results, organize multiple components of any project according to certain specifications, etc.

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The Ixia Tcl Automation Environment provides a rich set of tools to automate testing using Tcl (Tool Command Language), the most popular test automation scripting language in the telecom industry. The Ixia Tcl Client enables automation scripts to be executed from Windows, Linux, or UNIX systems to control Ixia test hardware with the Ixia Tcl API. The Tcl API provides full access to Ixia hardware platform functions, allowing users to automate the configuration of hardware and test execution across thousands of ports. The ScriptGen utility allows Tcl scripts to be generated automatically from test configurations, enabling a significant reduction in test development time.
Ixia products were designed with automation in mind. A sophisticated, yet comprehensive library of commands helps test engineers implement Tcl scripts for product development, regression and long-term testing. Using a client-server architecture, any number of users may simultaneously share control of one or more Ixia chassis or other Ixia applications via the Tcl API.

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